Freira Conservation Project

The Freiras Association for Nature Conservation and Protection is dedicated to safeguarding the rich biodiversity of the Madeira Autonomous Region. Our primary objective is to protect and preserve the unique fauna and flora of Madeira, including its surrounding waters within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). We strive to raise awareness about the importance of nature conservation, with a particular focus on endangered species such as the Zino's Petrel (Freira da Madeira) and degraded habitats.

To achieve our goals, we engage in a variety of activities. These include organising educational initiatives to sensitise the general public, students, and government bodies about nature protection. We also channel technical, scientific, and financial support from national and international entities to promote concrete conservation actions in the region. Additionally, we produce publications and audiovisual materials related to nature protection, conduct conferences and colloquia on environmental themes, and collaborate with competent authorities to suggest and support specific protection measures.